How to Tip Your Private Charter Captain

How to Tip Your Private Charter Captain

One of the best things to do on a sunny day is charter a boat. If it’s your very first time, then you may be curious about the charter boat tipping protocol.

Does this sound familiar to you? You’ve come to the right place if this sounds familiar. This article will explain the rules and regulations of tipping on charter boats. Keep reading to learn how much you should tip the boat captain.

Capturing a Private Charter

Before we get into the tipping of a captain, let’s take a look at what it takes to be a captain for a private charter. We’re glad you asked!

Charter captains play different roles depending on the size of the crew. In general, they are responsible for steering the boat and managing all boating activities. They also make sure that the passengers have a boatload of fun.

Charter captains are often busy and delegate their tasks to the crew. Standard boat duties include:

  • Planning the itinerary and acting as the tour guide includes planning your route, finding cool sights to see, and locating ports and/or docks for photo opportunities.
  • Captains must keep an eye on the forecast. Captains must inform their guests about emergency procedures. Safety is always the priority on board. Also, they need to make sure that all safety equipment is working properly.
  • Assisting customers: The captain should offer excellent customer service. Crew members are available to assist you.

How long your boating trip lasts will determine the services you need from a captain. For longer trips, the captain performs additional duties:

  • Maintaining your boat: This includes cleaning and minor repairs.
  • Provide food and refreshments. Whether the captain is cooking on board or stopping by a Dock-and-Dine restaurant  to eat at a restaurant, they should make sure their passengers are satisfied.

How much do you tip a boat captain?

How much should you tip the boat captain now that you’ve learned what it takes for a boat charter to be successful? The answer depends on the type of boat charter that you’re on.

Luxury Boat or Yacht Charter

Chartering a yacht is the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. They are equipped with a friendly staff, a large, spacious deck, plenty of seating, and, in some cases, a professional cook.

Tipping on a luxury yacht depends on how well you are treated. In general, people tip between 10-20% of the total charter cost. The captain may distribute a portion of the tip, depending on the crew’s contribution and length of service.

Charter Fishing Boat

Chartering a boat for fishing is a unique experience.

Charter fishing boat tipping is usually 10-20% of the total charter cost (and 15% is considered to be the norm). Also, the captain is likely to share their earnings with his crew.

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Tips Etiquette for Chartering a Boat

Are you planning to charter a boat or yacht? Before you leave, familiarize yourself with the charter boat tipping rules:

  • Be prepared with your preferred tipping method. Cash is the most common, but a wire transfer will work if you do not want to carry around a bunch of bills.
  • Don’t tip your captain before the trip is over: Your experience should be complete before you tip your Captain. Wait until the end of your trip to tip your captain.
  • Tip your captain directly. Even if you have additional crew aboard, it’s important to tip the captain. It ensures everyone receives a fair share.
  • Tip according to the service quality you received. If your captain went beyond your expectations, give them a bigger tip as an expression of your gratitude.
  • Request clarification: You can ask the charter company (or even the captain) for more information about the tipping policy.

Consider tipping extra for excellent service

You probably know that deciding on how much tip to give depends on a number of factors. How long did you stay on the charter? What was the service quality you received? How experienced was your captain?

If the guest attended a short charter or if their captain wasn’t attentive, they might leave a lower tip.

We recommend giving more money if you’ve attended a charter that was longer and of higher quality with a captain who is experienced and attentive. Don’t forget that great service isn’t always a given. When it happens, tipping your captain generously will be a great way to thank them for their service.

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