Hinckley Talaria 44 yacht tour Access to all areas of this classic American beauty

From this year’s 2023 British Motor Yacht Show, MBY editor Hugo Andreae takes us on an entire tour of the Hinckley Talaria 44. This boat is more old than you think…

Over 20 years after its introduction Hinckley Talaria 44 has been around for more than 20 years. Hinckley Talaria 44 continues to be awe-inspiring by its classic design as well as exquisite workmanship.

The elegant lines of the hull starting with the flared bow and the continuous sweep of the stern of the tumblehome, make it more attractive.


Other notable attributes include a spacious bathing platform and a transom gate and a deck area that is adorned with stunning woodwork.

A distinctive feature that is distinctive about Hinckley vessels has to do with their jet drive. They Hamilton jet drives propel the boats by using pressurised water, similar to jet skis, but with a greater scale. For reverse propulsion, huge buckets are positioned over jet drives, redirecting water flow.

The design of the boat permits an easy access to the jet drives and engines which are concealed beneath the flooring in the cockpit.


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Moving below decks and the interior showcases meticulous attention to detail, with varnished woodwork, teak and holly flooring, and ample storage space.

The spacious galley is fitted with an U-shaped layout, as well as well-designed storage compartments. The large dinette area and shower area, as well as the head compartment and comfortable cabin improve the quality of life for the boat.

On the helm the traditional wooden steering wheel and joystick control provide excellent maneuverability. The twin 440 horsepower Yanmar engines, paired with the jet drives permit the top speed to be around 31 knots, and a cruising speed of around 26 knots.

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