How do I purchase Motor Boat & Yachting from your home


We are currently working on our Sunseeker Delivery service is still a work-in- development…

If you’re unable to purchase Motor Boat & Yachting magazine from a store but would like to read it at home, here’s how…

Problems printing

You can get MBY printed issues delivered directly to your doorstep via magazine direct. There are subscription packages that offer delivery for just PS20.49 per month for a period of six months (PS3.42 per issue, including p&p).

Issues with digital technology

You can also purchase digital copies that the publication which you can read on your phone, computer tablet or an eReader.


iOS devices, iPhones, and computers

Subscriptions to digital magazines are accessible on magazines Direct. There are one-year, six-month and two-year subscriptions that are starting at PS16.99. We’ll soon offer single-issue sales, too.

MBY also offers their own online magazine service (the MBY app) on the Apple App Store. There you can purchase individual issue for PS4.99 without the need to subscribe. Just look up Motor Boat & Yachting and download the application for no cost. Issue sales can be made via the app and are linked to your credit or debit card set up through the Apple ID.

Android tablets and phones

All other tablets and phones run Android, Google’s Android operating system. To purchase a digital magazine using an Android device, you’ll first have to download a digital magazine platform. we suggest Zinio. It is also possible for reading the magazines with an eReader. You can purchase single issue of digital magazines for both platforms at the same cost that you pay for the printed edition.

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What do you think of magazines that have been published in the past?

You can purchase individual back issues of magazines in print through Magazines Direct as well as in digital formats using either the MBY apps or Zinio. The back issues available will automatically appear on your device.

Where else can I look for MMBY?

Don’t overlook our YouTube channel on which you can get boat reviews, cruise tours, cruise guides, and technical guides to assist you in getting your fix of boating.

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