How to choose the best boat cover

Imagine buying a new boat and having it docked at your local marina. It will experience temperature and humidity fluctuations over the years. Unfortunately, the wet-dry cycle that sees your boat expand and contract will take its toll on its Gelcoat and wood brightwork.

Combine that with the reality of salty, polluted, dusty, and rodent-ridden air. What will the result be? Your beloved vessel will take a lot of beatings.

It would help if you covered it with a boat covering. A boat cover is a simple investment that can help prevent many problems (faded and oxygenized Gelcoat, cracked and bleached wood, mildew, and mold).

Don’t worry if you need to figure out what boat coverage to buy. This blog will help you choose the right boat cover for your vessel to protect it for many years.

Do I need a boat cover?

What does a boat cover do other than protect your boat from the harshest elements of nature? Protecting your boat from debris and UV rays is crucial to extend its life span and preserving its value.

Boat covers also protect your possessions from being stolen or destroyed.

The Ultimate Boat Cover Buying Guide

Do you need help understanding the different options for boat insurance? This guide will help you understand the basics of boat coverage before purchasing.

Storage Covers vs. Trailering Cover

Storage bag covers can be used loosely to cover your rig. They protect boats while anchored at a dock or on a trailer.

Trailer covers, however, have a tight fit made for travel. To withstand high speeds, they are reinforced in high-wear regions.

Boat cover fabrics should be both water-repellent and breathable. They should also be UV- and mildew resistant. Not many materials are suitable.

We recommend using coated synthetic fabrics. Notably, the strength-to-weight ratio of pigment-dyed polyester is excellent, as well as breathability, water resistance, and UV-ray resistance.

Hot Shot(TM), a great and affordable option, is available if you are looking for a recommendation. This acrylic-coated polyester is breathable, stain and mildew-resistant, UV-resistant, and also stain-, mold-, and mildew-resistant. It is also great to have solution-dyed and urethane-coated polyester fabrics.

Custom Boat Covers

You can also choose to custom cover your boat. Semi-custom covers can be made to fit multiple makes/models of ships that have the same hull type. Custom covers can fit your exact make, year, and model.

Custom covers can be more costly than regular covers. But you get what you’re paying for. They are simple to install and remove and last the longest.

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