Most Affordable Walkaround Boats

These boats can be used for many purposes and are pretty expensive. Finding a walkaround boat that suits your family’s budget is possible without breaking the bank. We’ll show you ten walkaround boats for under $100 that you might consider.

Walkaround Boat Options Available

Grady White Seafarer 228

The Grady-White Seafarer 228 will be your best choice if you want an easy, family-friendly boat to begin your walkaround adventures. These boats are available on the used boat market for $30,000, which is a great deal. Although the cock pit was designed for sport fishing, the interior features a king-sized water well that offers the best of both.

Additional amenities include:

  • Storage
  • A plumbed toilet
  • A food preparation area
  • Sink

Sea Ray Sun Sport 230

Sea Ray’s Sun Sport 230 is small and affordable. It’s also cozy. You’re sure to find a suitable model for you and your family.

The cabin below the deck is large, comfortable, and not too visible from the outside (which we consider a plus). The starting price? It starts at just $62,000, which is quite affordable considering its 50-gallon engine size and world-famous performance.

Proline 20 Express

Since 1968, Proline has made award-winning family fishing boat designs. The 20′ Express is no exception.

This cruiser can accommodate seven people and is excellent for families who want to cruise, fish, relax, lounge, or sleep onboard. It’s as much about style as practicality. You can find everything you need, from a diving board to an entire 27-gallon living well.

The best thing? They are usually available for as low as $27,000

Sea Hunt Victory 215

Sea Hunt’s Victory Series has everything you need in a walkaround boat. This walkaround boat is 20-24 feet long and offers many options for both adventure and money. The cabin is well-equipped and spacious, but there needs to be more rod and tackle storage. It is available for less than $90,000.

Grady White Adventure 208

This walkaround boat measures 20 feet and offers a variety of essentials. The boat is fast, easy to use, and costs less than $70,000. This rig is a fisherman’s dream. It has a large capacity for casting poles and two large fishing boxes. The bow cushions make it easy for non-fishing guests to be comfortable.

Campion Allante 635 OB SC

The fiberglass wraparound boat is comfortable – everything from the deck to your cabin is covered. Campion Allante 635 is an excellent choice for families with small children, as it can comfortably sleep three people. It is also ideal for fishing enthusiasts.

There are better long-range vehicles as it has a 60-gallon fuel tank. They can be purchased for around $40,000.

Campion EX18 OBS SC

Do you want something smaller? Campion EX18 OB SC measures less than 20 feet in length, making it easy to transport. This affordable boat can still hold seven people and makes it an excellent choice for fishing groups and families.

You’ll be glad that the boat has plenty of tackle boxes and live bait storage. This boat offers endless possibilities, which makes it worth its $81,000 price tag.

Dusky 227 Fish Around Cruiser

The Dusky 227 Fish Around Cruiser measures just 23 feet in length. Although it’s smaller than the average boat, its 230-horsepower engine makes up for that. It’s ideal for boats this size, even though its fuel tank of 60 gallons is a little small.

It also has all the amenities you’d expect from a cabin: lights, cushions, doors, etc. What’s the best thing? It is a very affordable option at only $55,000

Stingray 208CR Cuddy Cabin

The Stingray 208CR Cuddy Cabin is the smallest boat in the series. The Stingray 208CR Cuddy Cabin measures just 21 feet in length. This is a small boat with many features, including a window. The cabin can accommodate up to nine people (be aware of the weight limit) and has enough space for a king-sized mattress. The starting price for the boat is $30,000.

Rinker 247 Express Cruiser

Are you looking for a small enough boat to sleep four people but can easily be moved around? You might be looking for the Rinker 227 Express Cruiser. The rig measures 29 feet in length and has a spacious cabin that boasts over six feet of headroom. This boat is also a walkaround and has all the necessary equipment for weekend trips (microwave, stove, fridge, stove, lots of storage, etc.). It costs approximately $28,000.

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