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You don’t have to be an avid sailor to love America’s Cup. It is one of the most prestigious and thrilling races in the world of sailing. This regatta is more than a competition; it’s a social event and networking hub. This lively event attracts people interested in the nautical industry and curious observers who feed off the exciting atmosphere. We’re learning more about what to expect as we approach race day on October 12, 2024. Read on to discover everything about the 37th edition of this legendary match, and start planning an unparalleled viewing experience.

Where can I watch America’s Cup?

Of course, you can watch the race on land in plenty of places, but you can see everything from a different angle by spectating from the sea. By renting a boat in Barcelona, you can watch America’s Cup in the heart of the action and escape the crowds in the fan village. At Click&Boat, we have a large fleet of yacht charters in Barcelona that will allow you to make the most of the regatta’s electric ambiance and get the best view of the competition. Whether you want a catamaran’s stability or a motorboat’s speed, we’ve got you covered.

It’s always best to plan your holiday. This is especially true when it coincides with the oldest sporting competition the world has ever seen. Fans of the nautical industry already have Barcelona on their radar to attend the contest. Couple this with the large number of tourists the city receives year-round, and you’ve got a competition of your own when booking a boat! Start planning your attendance at America’s Cup and book a yacht in Barcelona now to get the best seat in the sea.

What is different about America’s Cup 2024 than previous years?

Each edition of this world-famous regatta brings new surprises, and the 37th competition is no exception. This year will be the first to have the Women’s & Youth America’s Cup regattas, spotlighting a specific sailing sector. This edition will also be the first time the competition takes place in Barcelona. It will be the only city that will have hosted both the Olympic Games and America’s Cup.

Who is competing in the 37th America’s Cup?

The current holder of the cup is Emirates Team New Zealand, representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron. Five teams will compete to challenge Emirates, but only one will go against the reigning champions. The first team to enter the race, the “Challenger of Record,” is Ineos Britannia from the United Kingdom. They will be in charge of the Selection Series, which includes four other teams. Challengers include Alinghi Red Bull Racing from Switzerland, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli from Italy, American Magic from New York, and K-Challenge from France.

America’s Cup host city: Barcelona

Although this bustling cosmopolitan city is known for its immaculate art and modernist architecture, it also boasts a rich maritime history that is still a part of it today. In the 13th and 14th centuries, Barcelona took a dominant role in various conquests all over Spain, Italy, and Greece as the maritime capital of the Crown of Aragon. The influence of this dominant coastal region also brought a great deal of wealth to the city and its surrounding areas, thanks to commercial trading. Nowadays, the gorgeous metropolis is home to beautiful beaches, pristine ports, and a variety of cultural attractions.

Why is America’s Cup in Barcelona?

Barcelona is one of the most sought-after cities in Europe, luring lovers of art, architecture, sport, gastronomy, and nautical tradition. Couple this with its infrastructure, racing facilities, and vast onshore area for spectators, and it’s no wonder Barcelona was chosen. This former Olympic host city is an attractive location to host a sailing competition of this caliber since it has already gained popularity around the globe.

Another thing to consider is the relationship between Barcelona and the current holder of America’s Cup, The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron. The city holds a special place in their hearts because of the squadron’s success in the 1992 Olympic Games. The setting marks a pivotal moment in their sailing history and symbolizes hope for another victory.

Finally, the Catalonia region benefits from ideal sailing conditions in September, with wind speeds between 9 and 15 knots.

What date is America’s Cup in Barcelona?

The first part of the competition will determine which team will compete against the current cup holder. This Challenger Selection Series will start on August 22, 2024, after an official opening ceremony and go until September. The actual match for America’s Cup will begin on October 12, with two daily races. There will also be reserve days where races could take place depending on the discretion of the Regatta Director and weather conditions. The competition is expected to finish the weekend of October 19 but could extend until the 27th if required.

The final of the Women’s America’s Cup Regatta will occur on October 16, directly after race 5.

Where in Barcelona will America’s Cup be held?


The race will be held in the spectacular Port Vell, stretching along the beach to Port Olympic. The event race village will be situated along Moll de la Fusta, and each team will have its base. Emirates Team New Zealand is based near Barcelona’s World Trade Centre. The challenger teams dot La Rambla del Mar through the fan village. Other areas include beachfront promenades, superyacht facilities, the Barcelona Nautic Centre, and the imposing W Hotel.

See the race from a new perspective.

The great thing about America’s Cup is that you can watch the competition for free in the event race village. The races are accessible to land-roaming spectators, and you’ll find several fan zones and screens scattered about where you can see what’s happening on the water. However, the best way to get in on the action is to be where the step is. Watch the regatta from the water and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

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