The Most Affordable Fishing Boats


The prices of fish boats vary widely. If you use our boat finder tool, you will discover that some boats are not much more expensive than a moped. Others may be as costly as a home, while others could only be afforded by the one percent.

Your personal finances will determine what you consider affordable or cheap. When you look at affordability, what happens when you separate the different types of boats? There are almost as many options.

Let’s take a closer look at the 11 most affordable models of fishing boats, including All Purpose Fishing Boats (APF), Aluminum Fishing Boats (AFB), Bay/Flats Boats (BF), Center Consoles (CC), Pontoons and Walkarounds.

All-Purpose Boats & Models

  1. Princecraft Hudson 170DL WS

All-purpose fishing boats will suit anglers that enjoy different types of fishing or who are interested in pursuing a variety of target species.

The Princecraft Hudson DL WS is a boat-motor-trailer combination that starts at under $30,000. It’s a great way to own a fishing boat with the power to tackle large open water.

The 5052 H36 aluminum alloy hull features a 13-degree transom deadrise, and a steep V at the bow for taking on waves. Its bow-to-midships hull is double-plated, and it has an oversized walkthrough window to provide plenty of protection to its occupants.


  1. Tracker Super Guide V-16 SC

The Super Guide V-16SC is a great boat for any budget. Its sticker price is under $16,000. While this is a small vessel, it has enough space to fish in many different waterways, with up to 4 people on board.

The package includes a 40-horsepower Mercury stock outboard, a galvanized trailer, and some surprising high-ticket items, such as a bow-mounted electric trolling motor and a Fish Finder. Also included are five different pedestal positions and two movable fishing seats.


  1. Mako Pro Skiff 17 CC

Light tackle fishing is incredibly popular. Anglers are gravitating more towards flats boats and bay boats.

Most people will find a Mako Pro Sciff 17 CC priced at $20,000 when fitted with a 60 ELPT Mercury FourStroke and a galvanized boat trailer. Mako’s “Advanced Inverted V hull form” is what sets it apart from its competition. This unique shape, which resembles an upside-down “V” when viewed at the bow, allows for the boat to compress air beneath the hull, similar to a power catamaran. This cushioned wave impacts while it runs.

The bow casting platform of this boat is larger than many other bay and flats fishing boats that are much longer. Mako offers a five-year warranty from stem to stern and a limited lifetime structural hull warranty.


  1. Sportsman Masters 207 Bay Boat

Sportsman Masters Bay Boat is likely to attract your attention if you place equal value on quality and affordability. It is one of the few boats where cost (MSRP starts at just over $35,600) and fit and finish are equally important. The Masters 207 is as beautiful as boats costing tens or even hundreds of thousands more. The construction is excellent, too, with features like Sileather marine silicone upholstery, recessed stainless steel hardware, backlit switches, and fully finished hatches which rise using gas-assist brackets.

The boat is also very impressive when it comes down to the rigging. It has not one, but two live wells, a 20-gallon aft well and a 10-gallon livewell at the bow. There’s a Garmin GPSMAP MFD 942xs measuring nine inches, located on the console, in addition to two gunwale-mounted flush rod holders.


  1. Smoker Craft 162 Pro Angler

Smoker Craft 160 Pro Angler offers big fishing potential at a low price. It starts at only $22,438 and comes with a Mercury FourStroke 50 horsepower on the transom. However, it has a semi-V aluminum hull that is 0.100″ thick with a sharp entrance to take on big waves. Anglers are also protected by a center fold-over windshield, which closes the walkthrough, and shields both the helm seat and the passengers from spray and wind.

It has the usual fishing features, such as a 25-gallon fish live well, a locking fishing rod box, pedestal seats for fishing, and riggings for an electric bow trolling motor, but it also has the ability to reach remote hotspots in open water, even when it’s raining.


  1. Boston Whaler 170 Montauk

center-consoles are the most popular choice of fishing boat for both serious and recreational anglers. This is because they offer 360-degree fishing, easy maintenance, and maximum adaptability for different types of fishing.

The Boston whaler 170 Montauk, with a starting price just above $36,000 and a boat that is only 17 feet long, may not seem to be a good choice for affordability. Even older models of Montauks remain in high demand. This means that the boats have a greater resale price than other brands. When you resell your 170 Montauk, you are likely to get a higher return on investment. In the end, you’ll actually spend less.

Whaler’s unbeatable construction is the main selling point for the 170 Montauk. The boats are constructed with outer and inner fiberglass liners. The gap between the two is filled up under high pressure with closed-cell polyurethane foam. The foam bonds to the fiberglass and creates a solid, unbreakable unit. This boat is also a performance powerhouse, reaching a speed of 40 mph when equipped with the 90-horsepower Mercury FourStroke standard outboard.


  1. Sea Chaser 20 HFC

It is very rare to find a 20-foot fiberglass center console advertised at a price under $40,000, but Sea Chaser HFC lists for close to $38,000 rigged up with a Suzuki DF150ATX3 mounted on the transom. Sea Chaser, which is part of Carolina Skiff, is a large-scale builder that can lower prices through economies of scale.


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